MANUEL Nº2 Kampo

2021, Health


Kampo is a traditional Japanese medicine derived from traditional Chinese medicine, based on the use of plants with numerous medicinal properties.

This book shows illustrations of the most used plants by the author, Kakuro Sugimoto, a herbal pharmacist. He shares here with us his home-made preparations, their description, use and some formulas.

Kampo, traditional Japanese herbal medicine, is the second in a series of books on Japanese and/or Basque craftsmanship, ecology and botany.


Published by Les Éditions L’Univers dans un vase
Year: 2021
Dimensions: 180 x 125 mm
Cover: Softcover
Language: French (Please note that the Spanish/Euskera version is actually unavailable at Cibrián, but can be ordered on request).

Price: 18€

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